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Tuesday, December 18, 2012
143. Happy 22! @ Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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Few days before 16th of the month knocking the door of wonder, I managed to spend a little time ( and you can say money too ) hanged out with few course-mates purchasing some books at Big Bad Wolf Books Fair at The Mines, peeping one cute elephant family at Malacca Zoo, revolving around 360 degrees view up in the air on Taming Sari Tower and watching one K-pop showcase at KWC. Phew what a busy week I got myself into! Sometimes I wonder why does people often questioning my interest towards out-door activities. I'm not that freak to stick myself in front of computer for 24-hours a day, apparently I'm just a little bit cautious with my time management ( read: Lazy )ㅡRolling eyes sympathetically.   

Three Beautiful Things Happened on 16 December 2012 | Of Family, Thanks and YongSeo

1) I woke up from sleep only to fry myself a scorched pancake ( or lempeng hangus ) and watching how ibu admiring my age saying that "Angah baru je 22 tahun.." repeatedly until one point she drives me into unnecessary stress with the unending adoration. What. Am I looking too old for 22? We shared a small piece of cake together with ayah and Imeen, although Jeehan is nowhere around here I know that it's always her thought that matter :) Couldn't think of any gift better than a family, Alhamdulillah!

2) A big thanks to everyone Jazz, Ana, Yan, Maui, Lhyn, Itta, Lala, Elly, Ruby, Aunty Sally, Kak Ezza, Syaza, Ma, Erna, Emy, Along, Akma, Atun, Dayah, Shafiq, Leong and the rest for their birthday wishes to me either by text, twitter or fb. I hope the wishes do come true. :) 

3) My lovely beautiful WGM couple which whom I adore since ages, YongSeo publicly meeting again at CN Blue's Blue Night on 15th night. Seohyun paid a quick visit with her band unnies and SJ oppas to her ex-husband concert and I'd spazzing hard for the next day LOL. It's not all about rekindle old love relationship or anything, ( although I hope they did keke ) it's more towards maintaining their friendship outside of WGM's casting and whatnot. Well.. 

In the end, I spent a pleasant, unchallenging day of my birthday watching WGM YongSeo again on my laptop. Ironic.


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