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Monday, December 31, 2012
145. To Conclude 2012 @ Monday, December 31, 2012

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Note | Of Those Beautiful Things Happened On 2012

1] Completely finished my goal of reading 12 books for the 2012 Reading Challenge! Not a big reader myself but as I read 3 books back to back for the past December, I felt amazing on how reading can put my mind into a state of calm. As though I'm out of riot space and flying somewhere I'm illustrate of. What makes it better, I'd seal the last juz of Al Quran literally a day before the ends of 2012. :)

2] You'll reach a point where you'll finally figure out something of your student life. It's either beneficial or just a waste of time. The subject I took in degree school is enjoyably poor to be honest. Dumbfounded I was. But 3 years ain't that shabby, what makes the day a little more brighter than it used to be is that I learnt the ability to tolerate and succumb the pressure of being unhappy. I spot a big lesson from it so yeah for that. All for more, just remember ujian Allah itu tidak pernah melebihi kemampuan hambanya. :)

One more semester, it is. To aim for dean!

3] Brief reunion with Jazz, suggesting lots of book to Kana, Malacca walk with Dee, a bubbly phone call from Yan, meeting Lala for the first time, on off relationship with Zaza, lots of fangirls' interaction and seeing other's delighted faces when they met me, all those little things about old and new friendship progress makes me happy. I might not say or show it but anything about friendship is an unending sentences to me. 

4] An ardent observer I am to these two strangers since past months ago. Accidentally knowing them by fate, I learnt that one is struggling himself to make ends meet while another has his own upside kind of student world. A funny bottom secret cause them to screw in a box together. Interesting thing it is how both strangers can play their parts and making me smile. Wish I could tell you more about them :) maybe later in the next next entry.

5] You see, cooking for me is understandably defines as a part of chemical process. With or without us realizing it, recipe book always gets the sense of a practical note, ain't the popup inside frying pan reminds you of chemical reaction? No? I used to believe that a decent chemist will a be favorable chef at the same time heee. Anyway come to think of it, I'm neither a chemist ( in profession ) nor a good cooker. 

But there's a /progress/ worth typing into an entry! Yay. I hope this will bloom into a routine fuuuh. 


p/s: Being positive is always the main key of a better life. *snort* I'll try I'll try..
p/s/s: Saya nak daki gunung, main air terjun tahun depan! Sapa nak ikut?
p/s/s/s: Selamat tahun baru 2013 :)


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