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Monday, January 14, 2013
147. Red Vein @ Monday, January 14, 2013

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Supposedly written another chapter of thesis but I ended up lurking at this blog of mine, guess it needs a brief update after a short mundane and dampen starter of the year. Mum is getting better, Alhamdulillah! I couldn't even praise anything more better than that :') After three daysㅡthat seems foreverㅡadmitted into nearest hospital, after days of lacking of sleep, she finally recovered from the long hot fever. More medical follow-up needed that's one for sure.

These one stranger I told you before, he's quitting his permanent job after two years of fag out in upside down world. It's such a shame for not getting a chance to know him better but deep inside I wish the fella a very best of luck in the future. Anyway you never knew what future might hold for you.

Who knows, one very fine day I might meet him again and he'll be like a tycoon above world tycoons.
Who knows, one very fine day he might still recognize me, the balik-kampung-every-week girl? All possibilities lie ahead of our wisdom..

I've been into my lowest, the bottom-est moment on my student life few days back. It's like I've been living in someone else's life, that she's the kind of passive student who couldn't even confronted another half who's ready to get fail in life. These days are just hard for me, the burdensome, for some other classified reasons I just couldn't draw a honest smile on my face. Sorry for those who feel betrayed with my pretentious temperament :(

*deleting bad memories* 

If only I could survive the world without a degree.. wait. Of course I can! Just screw those unforgivable subject! I'll get over it someday, just because they keep on saying I couldn't.

I can do it! Fuuh.


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