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Monday, February 11, 2013
148. Yawning Short Essay @ Monday, February 11, 2013

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If you were to ask me about the kind of thing disgust me the most about myself; it got to be with my social awkwardness. Afraid of dealing with public perception always ends me up hanging alone inside room, hiding the ugly truth behind the smiley face and the so-called considerate reason. For those who probably come across me on my Twitter pages, do not get into the trap of friendliness offers inside. I might be one of the biggest liar you've ever met, but the lies are so insignificantly small that nobody even realizes the changes when it took over my personality. 

Ya Allah, I'm so tired with people's expectation and this self-pitying. 

And so semester began tremendously with piles of assignments, thesis and people buzzing over the places for internship. It took me quite sometimes to digest the fact that I am actually on my final year of student life, well someone weird must really had eating up the time-taker, literally. Ah, I should refrain myself from talking about semester ends, I've another long way to go on this roller-coaster ride, yes long way.

*Insert smile*

p/s: Happy holidays everyone! Spend your holidays wisely (more to self-reminder)
p/s/s: My favorite YongSeo couple is celebrating their 3rd anniversary today, watching them somehow makes my heart warms inside :')



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