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Saturday, March 2, 2013
150. Attention Grabber @ Saturday, March 02, 2013

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If I were to explain the agony inside my heart, mind and soul at the very moment I write this piece of crappy sheet, it will definitely compromising this few words:


I find those people who're always claiming that they can read me well like an open book as such an annoying cluster of human habits. It's a pleasant thing when they knew what's rumbling on my mind the moment others don't but when it comes to claiming any better, I doubt it very much. I had a rough complication myself to understand my own needs, in rush within a riot, battling against my wills and whatnot whatsoever. At some point, I don't even get why is these certain people are proudly announcing their majestic manage of hijacking my empty brain with dumb assumption; She's glaring at us, she's freaking mad for sure. She's so silent right now, she must be tired. She's doing this, she must be that. Urgh. 

You seek for my overflowing emotions, you keen for the ritual acceptance, but you shall find no answer.

I deeply understand about theirs concern on my certain flaring emotions, but please don't over-react. I'm okay when I said "I'm fine." But once the teasing is too much to handle, I might not getting a proper grip to hold my feelings anymore; I might bursting out you called it. 

Not even a politician, not yet a popular entertainer but with these excessive intruders into my life makes me feel almost like, what can I call it: An attention grabbers. Can someone kind helps me switching off this emerging lame light exactly shining on my head, so that I can hide myself well inside this warm blanket full of comfort and have a round of proper night sleep without mishearing someone or some-two talking about their concern on messy me behind my back? Again..

There's an overflowing ups and downs of being a stressful 22 years old girl sitting for her final semester and I'd be lying if I said I don't know what triggered this monsoon. The reasons keep on bugging; so I need to find the bug-killer as soon as I can.


Cos I'm such a hopeless introvert. 


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You've read my thought. If only I can read yours..