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Saturday, April 27, 2013
152. Here Comes April @ Saturday, April 27, 2013

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1] Final year of being a degree geek seeing me breaking countless rules for as much people may concern; it almost scares the creep inside me. Isn't it ironic moron for a geek to even try messing up with higher authorities? Cause as much you paid for the concern, I truly had a very rough time handling alone the consequences from the chaos I made that writing a new post seems to be the last thing on my mind. Roller-coaster ride is the exact word to describe the whole things. The ups and the downs, the conceitedness and the shakiness, the joyful and the throw-up ride; I'd experience them, if its not all, then half of it. For there is only a week left before everything ends, yet I'm still in a big doubt to let go the braking pedal; Indecisiveness is too dominant; and it leaves me with queasy wambly-wimbly inside the stomach.  

2] I'm just tired. Blamed the monsoon effect. My kind of monsoon.

It's been so long since I feel this kind of tiredness. People around are shoving me with massive headaches,  it feel insulted to know that you've done your best all this while yet you still can't change people's perception and opinion; biases for the better. Sight-seeing the back-bitching happened for those people around me, I knew that this shit situation is a real deal that I'll experience it in my coming days. Well if this is what adult life is somehow going to offer me very soon, I regretted my dream of becoming one back then when I was a child. Adults are          (fill in the blank). And this post is already derailed from the main context and almost sounded like a whining teenager's entry, so I should stop. Pheew. If only I could get myself stagnant and motionless physically and emotionally for even one day cause I'm not really sure where should I stand for this time being. 

3] To the bright side of my vega-the-vazz life!

I really missed wandering on blogger for awhile, letting my fingers flying and running on the keyboard and writing craps like now. Wonder if its not because of micro-blogging on Twitter mis-replaced the prior, I think I'll be here rampaging ( read: writing inspiring words ) everyday. Tehehe. So if there is anyone who is still interested to know, yes, most likely I'll be applying for a 6-months internship aka if-they-find-me-valuable-to-keep-I'll-be-a-permanent-one in Johor ( or else Kuala Lumpur) once I'm safely landing away from my struggling student-ship. 

It's been awhile since I got sweetly distracted.... and it easily washes away the monsoon effect. For those clueless, I'll present you Hujan's Aku Yang Asing. 


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