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Thursday, July 18, 2013
155. Working-Ship @ Thursday, July 18, 2013

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It's been awhile. :)

Life is, well, for the lack of better word, fulfilling, for now. Alhamdullillah. At least one thing is clearer now for me: which company am I going to serve for the internship period. In fact, I've been reporting into a  financial firm for the past 7 weeks ago in which later giving me quite a bittersweet experiences of being a junior employee. Yap, I rejected the offer from the particular IT company for a vague reason which I can't explain it myself. Well, often we find that things inside are way much interesting when we decided to leave, and left us with a debt of doubt. We learn and unlearn the mistake we did and it still confuse us in every little bits. I'm sort of telling Ayah that my decision of rejecting the offer had nothing to do with him or ibu. But with him yearning to see me working with a better and promising company, I knew that I broke his heart for the nth times. :(   

Despite of that, I'm pretty much confident that I have a solid plan B. I believe that miracle does happen twice, even more. For miracle's another name is hard work. It won't be easy these time round, with more challenging encounters pushing me to work twice harder than I used to be. Where people are quite skeptical on regards of local and private stuffs. But I believe, everything will be fine and falls in their places. It always does. Oh and the perks of being at home, do you even want me to list it down for ya? Six months wouldn't even feel like one, InsyaAllah :)

p/s: Salam Ramadhan buat kawan2 semua, semoga dpt khatam al-Quran dlm bulan barakah tahun ni. 

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