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Wednesday, September 18, 2013
156. Random101 @ Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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1] “Sometimes, you never know how strong you're until being strong is the only choice you have.”

Perfect wise words for the so-called misery situation!

Final year dean list, it is. Alhamdulillah.   

2] As much as I wanted myself to get rid of all these Kpop thingies surrounding me, I still find myself loving YongSeo to the very core of my heart. It's been three years; yes it makes me wonder at times, what does these two had done to my fragile heart. You wouldn't have to take time to figure out the reason why; YongSeo is the epitome of baby steps love. I'm quite touchy when it comes to this topic. And at the very end of it, well, you know love is always easy to watch :)

3] Two months left before the end of internship! Phew. That was fast. I'm not good at the whole process of building friendship, making new friends and adjusting to a new place, but to be honest, the firm just fits me well. Which surprise me a little and I know, I'm so gonna miss this place sooner or later. Every beginning is not easy but it shouldn't be that difficult ain't it?   

4] Finally reaching to the point where I'm questioning myself what am I going to do for the next few months. The idea of pursuing Master Degree is always lingering in my head yet to think that I've no clear intention of sticking up with an educational related job at the moment I'm writing this entry, makes me thinking twice. To boil up the whole thing, I'm actually very keen to taste the life of being a young paid employee rather than having another cycle of a student life. Well for a couple of year, we'll see the progress. :) So here’s come another job huntress, ready to serve ya captain!

You see, life has been pretty interesting for weeks back. Quite.. 

At times, it feels like time is being eaten up in a split second. Being twenty-two doesn't makes me feel young anymore especially when people around keep on shoving me with questions related with the serious business of dealing with works and relationship. Indeed it scares me a little, when what I do lately is more likely unrelated. One same age family friend whom I played together since I was little, is getting engaged and whats new about it? 

Insignificant question yet so cynical. I'm quite flabbergasted when it comes to this kind of stuffs. Is 22 (turning 23) well considered as mature? Cause as much as you pay your concern on me, nope I'm still a very bad cooker, Spongebob stills amuse me and yes, I'm always a kid at heart.  

p/s: Cbox visitors, I read you!
p/s/s: The urge to write CNBlue BMKL Fan Account, sigh.


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