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Tuesday, October 1, 2013
157. Fan-account: CNBlue Blue Moon Malaysia 2013 @ Tuesday, October 01, 2013

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Just a set of eleven and quarter piece of A4 papers of a fangirl memories from CNBlue Blue Moon World Tour 2013 Live in Kuala Lumpur happening last August 24th 2013.

Disclaimer: This fan-account is written based from the writer’s point of view. It contains shipping materials.


I need to admit that I’m not the biggest CNBlue’s fan you ever meet in Malaysia, nor that I’m the best Emotional Angel for Jung Yonghwa but in any cases, I might not just your mere crazy delusional Goguma shipper ;) Oh well, Gogumas are always amazing, fret not.

When I first saw Jung Yonghwa back on You’re Beautiful era, he wasn’t even in the list of apple of my eyes. It was Jang Geunsuk that caught my fangirl heart, all those “Hyungnim!” and “Go Minam” thingies, and I wasn’t really keen with an icy-cool stare and pitiful second lead guy, well. But abruptly it changed when Yonghwa started to join one of the most popular reality tv show in S.Korea, We Got Married back in 2010. I honestly fall head over heels for his real character, no more icy-cool stares but school-kid playfulness, and how he tried so hard and level down to open up his stiff-zomg-shy wife, the maknae of SNSD, Seo Juhyun. For a catch, CNBlue is a K-rock band playing instruments and self-composing songs arises amidst of too much Kpop idols group and yap that’s really a catch for my eyes. The moment I saw Yonghwa strumming his guitar singing self-written Banmal Song for his wife, I already promised to myself that whatever it takes me to hold, I must watch this guy strumming it live in front of my eyes.

And that’s what I did on the last August 24th.

It takes me a week to seal a deal with one ticket dealer from Indonesia, which decided to sell her ticket prior to the confirmation of Blue Moon in Jakarta a few days before BMKL concert. Believe me or not but I purchased the VVIP B ticket with almost 60% discounted deal from the original price, experience taught indeed. A few international Goguma (a fanclub name derived from Seohyun’s favorite healthy food, sweet potatoes) friends promised to meet me at the venue, one of the reason I was looking forward to the concert day. Aside from that, I was excited with the “Pink Project” from the local Boices during Love Light performance (do I need to explain the details behind this song? It’s a song where Yonghwa had shyly admitted on national television that it was composed with Seohyun in his thought.) Although there’s no association of shippers on regards of the project, it still causing a roar of chaos among YongSeo antis. You see, haters gonna hate. The pink mission symbolized as Boices’ romantic present for the whole ballad section is thrown aside, so what’s new fandom?

It broke my heart to hear that the project was later postponed but I was still looking forward and diligently making a fan-made YongSeo fan, Yong-Choding handboard (Yong Choding: an endearing name for school kid Jung Yonghwa given by WGM Goguma emcees lol) and one CNBlue board which weren’t that tidy tbh lol but the thought was more or less, on how I spent the time and effort on preparing such thing, and still feel blissful in this kind of way. J

I wanted to flag the hand-banner during the airport welcoming day unfortunately it wasn’t my luck, because the arrival flight to Malaysia was at Thursday night, August 22nd and it was beyond my plan. Reaching Kuala Lumpur by the next day and went wandering around the boys’ official residency in KL, 5-stars Grand Hyatt Hotel but it was unfruitful efforts lol no sign of the boys and the securities were a world class sheeiz. What else can you expect? Hehe. A friend from Jakarta, Epha was loitering around the National Stadium at the same time, in hope that she’ll catch a glimpse of boys doing their rehearsal but no luck found.

But we’ll definitely catch the boys tomorrow!


We headed to National Stadium around 7.50 AM since we took public transport, and reach the venue at 9. Did I mention you that my outfit of the day was a pair of jeans, blue shirt and a pink scarf? Lol I am a rebellious Goguma indeed and the outfit caused me quite a highlighting moment of the time, a plenty of eye-stare in a simplified word :P Anyway it’s good to be in the venue as early as possible so that you can get yourself familiar with the environment and situation. Aside from that, free-gifts and other interesting activities are more likely being arrange in the morning section. We had ourselves drowning with so much fun really! I lost count on how many times I got myself free cards from @CNBShin, winning a lucky draw guitar pick from @CNBurning, free door-gift snacks from CNBLUE cafe and lots more from int’l fan-bases. Main co-organizer, Samsung Galaxy held a video-pix promotion at the booth for their new smart phone thingies and we took the chances to shout our love –more likely a “CNBlue forever!” shrieking- for the boys through the recording. It was really a LOL moment worth a face-palm. Not to forget, we were actually preparing a mushy lovey dovey love letter containing our phone number, submitted in a sampul duit raya (kami masih dalam suasana raya) to CNBoys on the spot of the venue! What a fangirl’s craziness.

I met Epha soon after exchanging outfit hints on Twitter lol, she is a close Indonesian friend where we always had this shipper thought together and surprised not, we were so bubbly, zero awkwardness, with her talking in Indonesian accent and me replying with Malaysian slang lol. Afternoon arrived while we tried to take a picture with Sweet Potato Go-Chun, a local YongSeo Malaysia’s big banner heh heh, before being greeted by friendly Auntie Sally to join a small gathering nearby. As a matter of fact, that was the only project planned by local Goguma and it was pleasant enough to make me a happy and proud YongSeo shipper. We are just a small community supporting and loving two different personalities, spreading their loves and I couldn’t see any problem on regards of that thing. Fast forward, it was really a heartwarming gathering where we met the other group from YS-Thailand, YS-HongKong, YS-Indonesia, YS-Philippine and YS-Singapore, exchanging free-gifts and tasting home-made Goguma latte J. It attracted the walkers and also Samsung Galaxy’s cameraman to record us! I hope we’ll get to see a bit of Gogumas cut screaming “CNBlue fighting! YongSeo fighting!” on CNBlue’s BMKL footage very soon lol!  

Around 4 o’clock, a bit wiser, calmer and stomach fuller than before, we decided to walk around to the backyard entrance of the stadium. What we found out was a group of security (of course) listening to the live version of boys doing their final rehearsal! No words can describe my feeling at the moment we sat nearby walking street; it was just pure happiness of being a fangirl.


We entered the stadium exactly around 6PM. I wasn’t really trying to get myself the front row or something, in fact I was seating under a tree, fanning myself (cause the weather was damn hot) while memorizing lyrics when the rests of fans were queuing in the front door but amazingly with my rusty skills of sneaking, I managed to get myself a nice viewing area nearby Jonghyun standing-stage lol. Exactly in front of him! While waiting for the starting cue of the concert, some fans performed the respective prayer in a close-by surau. I sat down together with few local Chinese; Boices nearby me were from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and yes South Korea. The level of craziness was just amazing.

Remember the last time I felt so thrills for a concert; it was back on 2011 during Super Show 3 in KL. But the moment I sat together with the rest of fangirls, listening to the Mp3, my heart beats so fast it was beyond usualness, was so much excited than I was supposed to be. We got ourselves a pink heart paper and luckily a pink stick, prepared for Love Light fan-project; my adrenaline rushed for some weird shipper reason lol!  

Here’s the recap for boys’ performances, in case you find my fan-account is beyond a mundane state:

- Starting cue of the concert was a performance by the opening act. I couldn’t remember the name of the band but they made quite a witty Hey You beat box, and had the audiences singing along with them. Finally, after a few minutes of waiting, the opening vc shown on the large LCD. And boys appeared with Where You Are! Indescribable feelings, it was a mix of spazzing “asjfkdkdlslsjfhgkCNBoysss!” and the grateful state of “Finally, the Yong of YongSeo!” Big banner written “We’re here!” covering Moonzone seemed surprising Yonghwa lol.

- They were utterly spoken in fluent Bahasa Melayu quite a lot of times! It was so surprising on how diligent they were to spend some time learning our local language, probably one of the best among other Korean idols I’ve ever seen live. Some of the words were including “Apa khabar?” “Mahu lagi?” “Bagaimana kamu rasa?” “Kiri dan kanan” and this is my favorite quote of the night “Rindu kami? Rindu kami? Kami pun rindu kamu..” CNBoys’ sweetness. Can I cry?

- They performed a row of songs after the self-introduction, A Guy like Me, Coffee Shop, One Time, Have a Good Time, Get Away and Wake Up. I couldn’t recall much for that moment but sSsweat! Crazily sweating yet everyone around seemed so fine coz Jonghyun was up in front of them with the sleeveless shirt lol. It was our first to see him wearing such outfit in Blue Moon concert, so it’s acceptable to drool a bit..

- Coffee Shop was supposed to be a sexy rock song with the fan-chant and stuffs like “I wanna dance right now so awesome tonight” but it ended up a little bit messier coz some fans messed up the chanting. But Wake Up covered it up, it was so awesome; Minhyuk’s drum beat is the jjangest!

- Jungshin came out with “Are you guys having fun? Me too” while Yonghwa’s “Oneul cheokeowayo? Can I speak Korean? Jinjjayo? Jeo saranghaeyo?” was soooo double triple full with mushiness. “Di Malaysia banyak makanan yang… sedap? Sate sate! I love sate! And nashi lemak. And banana, in morning. Saya mahu makan sate.” LOL Minhyuk-ah I wanna squish you, really.

- Upon seeing Yonghwa changing his electric guitar into accustomed one, I knew we’d already reach the ballad section. My left hand fumbling over the bag searching for YongSeo fan whiles the right gripping pink heart-paper and pink light-stick. Could you feel the effort made by shipper-me just to ensure I’ll be part of this awesomeness? Ayemazing. Lol.

- These spazz worth its own sentence heheh! Yonghwa was like “Okay from now on, we’re gonna sing our slow love song. Next song is..” Twitching his guitar a bit and I enclosed it with “Sarang Bit! Love Light!” so proud. “Malaysia, you’re my nostalgia, really really loves you.” Yonghwa’s drawling, boiled up the moment. I saw Jonghyun smiled upon hearing hyung’s words. Seriously, the whole stadium was so mesmerizing at the moment; I couldn’t explain how proud I was to be there. It felt nostalgic at times singing Love Light that spells YongSeo and despite the hatred spilled towards the pink project, I believe that what keeps us firmed was the togetherness to make the boys happier than usual; even a barking group of antis couldn’t stop that! Jung Yonghwa’s Love Light was beyond beautiful; some says that he was being extra romantic that night. Well, I’m indeed was so lucky to get the chance seeing him singing this song live with my bare eyes. To watch him smiling with us serenading the whole song together, (it was more likely seeing him blankly staring at the sudden blue-pink ocean) it was just a pure happiness. He thanked the beautiful ocean and our singing with a thumb-up <3>

- My Goguma feeling was overwhelming at that moment; I wasn’t even bother to please the sight of Hambos or Dooliers around me (if there’s any) and kept on waving my YongSeo fan proudly along the song hahahahah! And I love myself for memorizing the whole lyrics, my voice was glittering (read: wrecking) others’ fan-cam lol. Oh and I swore that Jonghyun also saw my YS-fan, he gave his “watdafak” glance hahahahah it was just too amusing.

[HD Fancam]130824-Blue Moon CNBLUE World Tour Live In KL - Love Light [click here]
130824 CNBLUE Talk + Love Light [click here] see also Jonghyun watdafak face near 5:20

- And for the next song, I was ignorantly busy updating my Twitter account with the Love Light spazz lol. The light projection for Feeling was awesome though; we were drowning into Yonghwa’s mellow mood for awhile. These Days followed up, the best thing about being in the same standing zone with Jonghyun. His beautiful lemak merdu voice complimented by Yonghwa’s husky voice at times is equal to perfection.

- Y Why is pretty much an old song for those who had listened to this band since the beginning of their career. Although some might forget the lyrics but everyone attempted to sing the whole song together with Yonghwa. I was quite sure that it surprised Yonghwa himself, his expression tells everything off. It was overwhelm with heartwarming. /brb crying a river. It is one of my favorite for the night.  

- Yonghwa was then introducing the next section as CNBlue’s DSM, Dark Sexy Metal. A list of deep rock songs as part of their trademark were performed including La La La, Just Please, Tattoo and In My Head. Tattoo is my all time favorite, should take time to read the slightly intimate lyrics cause it makes us ponder, was it really written by a 20 years old Jung Yonghwa? But the song was dribbling with head-banging and mind-blowing. I was kind of hoping that everyone will chant “Keep on, keep on...” together at the end of the song. However, it seems that everyone was petrified with the overflowing rockers of CNBlue lol so yeah, I chanted alone at my side.

“I want to hear your voice. Kuat lagi!” Is boys’ English improving? Unfortunately it is not lol. We knew that they kept on recycling the phrase for each Bluemoon stops but we give them credits for their cute English heheh.

- Intuition’s “Because I love you” chant was so loud! I love it very much and it doesn’t need much time to realize that it was one of CNBlue’s famous songs up-to-date. Jung Yonghwa was actively dancing during I’m A Loner lol but I love his expression when he knew that he wouldn’t need to work his lungs out to sing this time round, fans were very familiar with this debut song. I’m Sorry brought CNBlue into another level of successfulness, it hits the World Billboard chart back on January, another piece of art from composer Jung, and I’ll always thanking this song for indirectly bringing the band to Malaysia. But I was expecting them to perform the –I’m Sorry- dance version, no luck it seems lol.

- They teased us with sudden goodbye but fans chanted for “Encore” for about 10 minutes and boys came back with sparkling Blue Moon shirts and mafelas. They performed Hey You, brand new song, Feel Good, Love Girl and You’ve Fallen For Me. I shut my mouth down when Yonghwa’s claiming that he heard “Neon Naege Banneseo” is famous in Malaysia. Famous is obviously overrated. But I amazingly enjoyed this latter song lol, Yonghwa was showing sooooo much aegyo I wanna cry.


- Unexpected, if I might describe the moment in a word. It happened during the time I felt so much wrong with the decision of choosing VVIP B standing section. There were very lack of Busan namjas interaction lol and I believe that I should actually go up over the moonzone area where Yonghwa was frequently found playing and interacted with fans. But leader was suddenly requesting for a fan-wave, where he described it with “I want to see a wave! Ahhhhh~ ahhhh~ aahhh~ wave, are you ready?” Kyeowo.

- Over the B section, I wasn’t expecting much, especially when the rest of other fangirls around me were busy screaming over Jonghyun who sat down with his guitar in front of us. It was a total chaos; I grabbed over my YongSeo fan once again and flagged it in case, well, in case Yonghwa’s standing at our side lol. Unexpectedly Lady Luck listened to me well. Yonghwa was running chodingly from the A section, shouting “Amazing, amazing!” and stop exactly in front of me. Man, if it weren’t luck, then I’m not sure what it is. Jodoh mungkin hahahah. Bet he saw it; bet with two rows of Goguma field, that he saw my YongSeo fan raised high in front of him. Urghhh this might sound exaggerating but that moment really had justified my existence of being a Goguma.

- At the very least, he knew that there was one insignificant YongSeo fan at B section. Sobs.

(See writer’s glory moment of being a Goguma near 0:45s)

- Funny thing is Yonghwa tried hard to speak in Bahasa, but we couldn’t catch it really well lol. He attempted to blurt out left and right “Hey kanan! Hey kiri!” but it was hilarious, so he ended up showcasing his beatbox talents. It deserves an around of applause! Love succeeds to make everyone clapping hands together, and I always love Dancing King Yonghwa. ♥ Try Again, Smile Again was the last song performed by the boys. Jungshin in fact, insisted “The last one, really” when fans turned upset upon the announcement. I had a hard time believing that two and a half hour had been passed by and it’s time for the boys to leave us. Raining of white confetti sets a heartwarming ending, but I believe we’ll meet again in future.  

- I always had this weird thought that Jonghyun was actually noticing my Yong Choding hand-board lol. It was kind of outstanding because it’s a Yonghwa dedicated board whereas the rests of fan-board were either for CNBlue or for him (cough, I bought a wrong standing section). Anyway I raised that small board once again when he came over to our side after a round of end greeting to the audiences; he was kind of reading the board from his peripheral view and slowly threw his Blue Moon mafela at my direction. At my direction, I repeat it. Mafela was a meter away to reach my hand oh gawd but the excitement was interrupted by a sudden big palm grabbing the towel away, from me.

I was in a shocking state. A rough fought between numbered of fans happened for awhile but I was already out of sight.

The lucky fan was a girl standing besides me so I congratulated her with me meddling against my inner thought “Freak, it should be mine.” I asked for a permission to touch the mafela for awhile, but seeing how hard for her to let me fully hijacking it, I knew that she just felt possessive over the towel. Anyway, it was just an accustomed one, no big deal.

But Jonghyun threw it away; okay it’s a big deal. L

 (See John throwing towel near 1:13)
(See also writer’s CNBlue hand board writing Yong Choding on the front side right before John throwing his mafela)

“Terima kasih sekalian!”
“I really wanna perform in Malaysia again, jumpa lagi!”
“I love you Malaysia, we’ll come back here once again!”

Boys! Let’s meet once again! J /pinky promises.


HAAAAAANGOVER! JUST A BAD HANGOVER, with a countless visits to YouTube to ensure that I didn’t miss out any angle during the concert lol.

Boys went back to Incheon on Sunday via 11.35PM flight and I’d no idea on what were they doing here on the early weekend day. Reach home without sending them off the shore coz I was freaking need to ensure myself working by the next Monday. -____-


a)  Took about a week before BMKL to memorize Love Light, Tattoo, Y Why, In My Head, Coffee Shop and Feeling lyrics. Don’t tell me I’m not a fan or else I’ll screw you.
b)  Securities were too tight it annoyed me a lot. I couldn’t see any harmful effect given by taking idols picture on concert. We paid buckets of money to see them seriously, dear management and organizer.
c)  “When Yong came to our side for the wave, he looks at our side and seriously I saw he pointed at YongSeo fan that a girl in front of me hold.” - @ieyL, VVIP B. Thanks for acknowledging my existence Yong-ahh lol :x
d)  I’m Yonghwa’s bias, please understand me. Jung Yonghwa is super mighty fine in real life. His choding-ness is so real, his red lips is to die for. And his messy hair, Yong ah L
e)   Wonder what’s on Yonghwa’s mind the moment he saw the pink ocean during Love Light hihihi.
f)    Forever lol-ing at Yonghwa’s “I know nashi lemak..” Hahahahahah!
g)  Yonghwa was using his one and only White Falcon guitar along the concert. It was our first to see him strumming his love one. Malaysia is quite lucky ain’t it?
h)   I found it endearing when fans started to shout “Yooooooooong!” each time Yonghwa reach at our side. People wanted him coming over to B more often but it seems that he favored A more lol.
i)   Jonghyun’s perspective of fan-service might consist of staring blankly, flaunting his handsome face around the stage and at some rarely point, a killer smile to random audiences.
j)   I’ll get Jonghyun a big fan-board written “LEE JJONG, PLS TALK!” by the time I meet the boy again. Promise.
k)   He only speaks once throughout the night for goodness sake. “Apa khabar, I’m Jonghyun.” People screamed so loud. “Wow.” #JohnWhY. (tbh I saw him trying to interrupt Yonghwa’s talk but failed miserably and also cursing at the spoilt technical thingies to the nearby technician. Oh well.)
l)    Both maknaes fan-services are always the best. Despite sitting at the end corner, Minhyuk’s effort of speaking in Malay and English is well-praise. And Lee Jungshin, this boy is always a happy pill! J
m)  Minhyuk’s stage was amazingly moving front and backward so that fans around could see him more clearly. Should suggest the organizer to get him a minute tour around the stage by himself.
n)   Jungshin and his bass stick at one place at a time, especially when the fans around the section kept on calling him. D’aww anyone?
o)  I love Gogumas in moonzone very much. They brought Seohyun’s I Got a Boy promotional picture and shove it to Yonghwa lmfao!
p)   Favorite stint of the night aside from Love Light would be, Tattoo. Always.
q)   Can we get Jung Yonghwa’s performing Banmal Song someday?
r)   Youtube videos’ courtesy from the owners who happened to stand besides me during the concert. For some weird reason, it recorded my shrieking voice singing my lungs out lol.
s)   “I met a Japanese eonnie who does the world tour with CNBlue and she even said that #BMMY is the best of all.” - @h3artands3oul

Random pictures untuk kenang-kenangan masa tua.

(Home-made YongSeo fan!)

(ina_awalina inside venue)

(bmkl pink heartpaper)

(epha finally caught Jonghyun pic at KLIA)

(Gogumas in Moonzone, spot Gogumas!)

YongSeo couple stint in WGM may be over, but my love for the individuals that make up “YongSeo”, Yonghwa and Seohyun will never change.

Yonghwa from my lense.

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