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Thursday, November 28, 2013
159. Of The Queer Things Happening Around Me @ Thursday, November 28, 2013

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1] Made quite a beautiful memory with countless people around the company, I ended up my internship with so much unspoken gratitude. Where then, I realize that imaginative me couldn't really gain this kind of experience by just reading it from books. Some are so talkative to begin with, some are so loony lol and some are so reserved; just like me. Although we came from different kinds of educational background, or even worst; different degree of craziness, there seems to be an invisible pull that push us together. I thank them for being part of my six month journey.

Definitely will miss them a lot esp. Ms Chua and her tomyam craziness

2] Final report is driving me nuts! I’m a grumpy gorilla for the past two weeks! Hungga hungga!

3] Am more than happy to say that despite the hoo-ha’s of crazy people circulating around me, I’m super okay with SJ coming over here for SS5 and of course with me disregard the chances of meeting them once again. (I met them thrice for the past year, oh gawd) Well imma big girl. And big girl don’t cry. (Perhaps they will... but for some wise reasoning)

4] Can’t wait for the upcoming weekend escape with ex-degree-mates! (padahal nak submit report je)

I wanna buy tripod stand so bad. 

5] Is still in the job-hunting process. Okay just twisted the fact, I haven’t started anything yet but then why rushing to start something where you’ll end up to be with for the rest of your life, well in a better case, till you hit your pension mattress? Perhaps, penniless is such a stressful period for accredited jobless. (me! me! me!)
Still, wish me best of luck. And I wish you the same :)

p/s: Random alert.
p/s/s: CBox visitor, I still read you, duncha worry.

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