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Tuesday, December 17, 2013
160. A Year Older @ Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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When you’re in high school, you want to become an adult so bad. You want to get through this stressful unstable hormone phase quickly. Then you spent your years in college feeling so young and fresh with all these plans and those ideas. Graduated degree school at the age of 22 and then all of sudden year ends approached, and you turned 23.

And you started to question things you’ve never questioned yourself before. Did I do my best for the past 23 years old? What do I actually wanna be? Where do I want to see myself in 5 years down the road? I had failed at my expectation many times, I cried when it happened. Worst thing is I still do not know what I wanna be “when I grow up”, but there is so much more things to learn from life. 

One precious thing I gained from the misery is that life is so short. People excused my disappointment and say “its okay you’re still young” but life is too short to be drowned with fear. The next thing you know, the guy you secretly admired in school is no more a bachelor haha. So chin up coz you deserve to get a second chance and fresh starter.  

I’ve a great and truly supportive family; they’re the pillar of my being. With few close friends whom are so dear to me, where I count my blessings in a special kind of ways, so I gained my firm and fight back. 

I want to live my life modestly. Smiling at random people I meet, watch sunrise on the peak of a hill, telling people that I really am, thankful miss and love them from the bottom of my heart, making new friends but forever cherish the old ones; I’ve been missing high school so bad few days ago, want to go back to the past and say thank you for being part of my 23, and eventually shaped me to be the person I am right now. 

Nowhere near to perfection, there’s always a part of me that want to finish reading the translation of Holy Al-Quran so bad…

I am, learning to be a better person, inside and outside. 

So here’s to another new chapter of life. A year older, may it be a year wiser. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah and Bismillah.

p/s: Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, warm thoughts and special phone call :) 

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