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Thursday, February 13, 2014
161. The Missing January @ Thursday, February 13, 2014

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I’ve been into a leisure routine since the past month, a truly laid back version of vacation (vacation! vacation!) than the rest of my degree semester’s break accumulated together. Neither an assignment nor a report to disturb my night sleeps on my cozy bed; where I simply put it as a sign and reason to stop any momentary heavy thinking, and yes including blogging.

To make the long story short, January made me realize how fast time could really flies especially when you truly have nothing to kill your boredom. My January is completely a waste of time; I am a procrastinator at her best. I did one or two things that worth to be proud of (managed to cook something edible like finally, on track with highschool besties), but it shoved away by the fact that I am unemployed at the moment.

Unemployed; Jobless; Penganggur

It probably scares the creeps out of you to know that, I am unemployed. No intention on scaring anybody in further way, this progress truly creates an evolutionary moment for me personally. A tad bit longer than expected, I finally took a seat on making serious decision on regards of my future. Where I decided to draft out what am I going to be in the next 5 years or something.  

Good thing is I had just attended a brief interview with one corporate company last few days ago. It was an eye opener experience (again) and the manager seems very fond of me haha. What I truly like about the company is that they give me freedom to further my education in any kind of ways which something I look forward to. Best of luck to me..

Short update; hopefully it satisfies the needs to write longer than 140 words. 

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