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Monday, March 31, 2014
162. Life - Progress. @ Monday, March 31, 2014

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It's been awhile. :)

A monthly anniversary for this young and lousy assistant in her quirky field, she feels the overflowing superwoman blood in her veins (or whatever blood circulatory) for some weird reasons haha. 

Working for me has been such a very eye-opening experience, a culture shock sort of, from those lazy years back during my school days. It thrills me that every given portfolios are been supervise by seniors throughly in and out, like, excuse me, I'd diligently skipping my tutorials, no? I've been driving mum's car in the big city, paying for the oil and gases, not to mention, tolls; renting a room, driving all thru the highways; cooking a proper meal; ibu i've grown up, well. Albeit all the mentions didn't wow you at all haha. I am surviving. On a brief share of my job experience, paid for the position entitled them to expect a good deed from me worths the renumeration given. Ain't a stressful environment, quite a laid back one, 5 working days where I always found myself lingering hometown every weekend given. 

Still, no comfort room found yet. 

Early days sitting in the workstation were one of the awkward time of my life. I definitely have a problem adapting with situation. They called me "pemalu." For everyone sakes, ain't that obvious for a newbie though. On the other hand, while people around buzzing off on spot for graduation day, I choose to stay in a dim light. People close to me questioning the decision, but wouldn't they learnt, this is always me hmm? A little out of me prefer modest feast of degree celebration, cause I believe there is better thing to come in future InsyaAllah. Looking forward for the days ahead, looking forward to see a steady progress in my life. So many plans, will see if time is mounting in our sides! Allah bless! 

You see, working has truly enlightens the other cool sides of me lol. 
Although I kind of losing time to read more books, writing, fangirling and getting in touch (by means, face to face. You don't preach me social networking ya know lol) with comrades.
And I missed taking pictures too. 

Still, a new journey, whether me like it or me hate it, has begun. Wish me luck, and vice versa, same goes to you kawan InsyaAllah :)


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