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Monday, April 21, 2014
163. Get A Life @ Monday, April 21, 2014

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I finished reading Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood last two weeks ago yet it never really leaves my mind. A book I wouldn't recommended for those reader with a tight and closed minded though, well mostly because it covers through part of one lonely character and his erotic life. You read there right mates, erotic. 

The lonely man was longing for his one sided love, it hurts him that every single time when he imagining the girl, he found himself stuck in a nightstand unhealthy relationship. Perhaps the progress of the book was something I'd never expected before hence, I couldn't retrieve the feeling, something I'll never get myself relate in.  In fact, it disgusts me on how easy the lonely man ended up messing his life with countless women to satisfy his sexual deprived. "Get a life, Touru", thats what I wrote on the review slot upon finishing the book.

Go get a life, thats also what I told myself upon writing the review slot.

Living by myself, with no close buddy to click with makes me realize how usual for me to talk to my own-self, it strange how I found comfort by reading my mind and converse within myself. Being alone, I think about the things work around me too much, swallowing the fact bite after bite, so I ended up writing it either on this blog or Twitter to fully comprehend what I think. It might hits you the same though, simply waking up in the morning, the most depressive state on your day, dread living your life these past two months with no families nor friends staying close by your side. You wonder, "The earth I'm doing here, alone?" 


And there goes the circle's starter of wild thought.

Puts everything aside, I am trying to live my life as honest as I could be. Although there is always part of the usual me hoping that I will laugh hoo hoo haha like a happy kid in my workstation. "The quiet girl you say, da who???" Still working out on it though.

A note to self. Those depressed men and women living in an urban city, go find a meaningful life. Life is as always, more than the ka-ching in your wallet. 

For me? A short trip back to hometown would always do a magic trick on me, curves my smile and recharge the soul in me.

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