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Sunday, May 25, 2014
164. Okaaaaay Then @ Sunday, May 25, 2014

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A colleague of mine asking me during our teamwork together if I am currently having a steady boyfriend or not, and I was stunned for awhile.

Thought I were to think about you (whoever the idol of you) but I didn't. No one (seriously) crossed my mind when I was awkwardly cum shyly admitting, "No. I don't have a boyfriend."  

Hashtag forever alone.

She continued, "Really?? Aw you see, usually it is during our college's year that we were suppose to search find and meet that one special soulmate. Working years will just slaving you in and out, you wont even get time to chill, hang out and meet new people. Time constrained us..

I met my hubby when we were in college together," 

Her sweet smile and ending remark reminds me of somewhat kdramas' scene where I am probably the awkward protagonist female lead trying to ingulf the situation with weird expression.

"Okaaaay then..."

"Yeah..." I replied. Anyhow, are you trying to say that my degree years were just merely a waste of time? Lack of bonding time etc etc..

Well, fret not. I am pretty much glad I am the reserve one.

My male lead is just probably losing his way somewhere, too dumb to ask for direction, don't even trust the GPS, stumble yet consistently walking so he will reach here somehow :) I have faith on him and Him.

Hahahah. #creeey

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