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Friday, August 1, 2014
166. Intertwined @ Friday, August 01, 2014

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A raya visit from family of relatives from ibu's side introducing me to one pregnant lady which happened to be my senior of secondary school. She was curious of my former batch and somehow admitted of knowing me, macam kenai.

"Weren't you a school prefect too?" 

Me? I was in doubt, she could be mistaken me of someone else.

"I wasn't a prefect back then." 

I did secretly asking the administration for the same question too. Why weren't we, Yan, Jazz etc a group of prefects by the way? ;) We were smart and wit, (self-confession) yet the white uniforms seem suit us the best, in the eyes of high beholder. 

She was later soak with a deep conversation with my sister, about those little friends they can relate with each other. Whilst the husband, is a faraway little cousin of our relative of relatives; you can count on how many times we met each other in a year.

Time to bid goodbye, she shakes my hand and asked, "Can you finally recall me?" 

"Yes, finally." I replied back. "Mawar, kak Mawar.."

"I remember you. Back then, who will ever knows that one day we'll meet each other again as a family?"

I smile at the remark. 

Life is, sometimes very incomprehendible, I'd admit it. The more you dig it outs, the more it will traps you with its mystery. You've been learning some grungy stuffs from primary, secondary and high school, college and university, in and out of the box, flying away from home and dealing with all weird kind of man to end up and still, settling down with a dude from your primary school? 
Life could be a smooth ride or a fcked up intertwined fate, destiny you name it. And I can't predict mine either. 

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin, as cliche as it is. Have a good raya everyone!

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