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Sunday, August 17, 2014
167. Living in the Moment @ Sunday, August 17, 2014

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Things I did for the past months:

1] Family bond at Cherating (minus Imeen); waited for sunrise together
2] Went to Cant Stop concert and watch CNBlue for the second time of my life.
3] Booking a three days and two nights hotel room with fellow Gogumas, had such a blast activities
4] Kota Tinggi waterfall; mini hiking more or less
5] Read quite a proud able amount of books 
6] Plenty of bonding time; has yet to visit some close friends for Hari Raya but the time will come isn't it?
7] Proud sister to two kids, and one bigsis. Proud daughter to ayah and ibu.
8] Confirmation letter has reach my hand; I am officially a part of the company's asset.
9] Met some amazing strangers on Twitter in real life.
10] Bought baju melayu for ayah and Imeen using my own salary haha (worth to be written)
11] Spending time to read and write on blog
12] Volunteerism!

**will find some time to explain in words by words for the second and third on did list.

Things I plan for the next next months:

1] Kinabalu! Yet to find the brave soul-mate haha
2] Camping for good deeds, raising fund activities
3] Blood donating (hohohoho)
4] Investing money for future plan; Haji, property etc
5] New phone to replace my drowsy Nokia
6] Furthering study; second degree?
7] To write more, to sketch more, to express more.
8] To explore Johor Bahru, to eat their phenomenal cuisines
9] To read one historical book 
10] Meeting new accompany and cherishing the old ones
11] To take things as it is
12] Living in the moment

p/s: writing this post while succumbing the pressure of getting fever. 
p/s/s: missing my laptop very much, its been awhile without dealing with photos and editing 
p/s/s/s: wish i am a kid once again

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