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Tuesday, November 11, 2014
169. Fan-Account: CNBlue Can't Stop Malaysia 09082014 @ Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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Friendly reminder: This fan-account is written based on the writer's point of view which might contains shipping materials.

(This is going to be one lengthy post, please bear with me!)

Prior to the Concert

Its been a year and CNBlue are finally coming back! Truth be truth, it doesn't really feels like a hard one year for me. In fact, life was fine, thanks for the good memories I kept along from Blue Moon night. What a memorable night, since it was the boys first touch in Malaysia. Fast forward, I decided to book the early concert ticket (after a countless discussion) from one of local CNBlue's prominent fanclub. And for this time round, Jungshin's seating zone was what I am aiming for. Half of me hoping that there will be more Leader-Maknae interaction, after being disappointed by the lack of Busan namjas public display of affection from last year performance lol. More of all, quite a number of local and intl goguma decided to book the same zone. Thus, the imagination of swamping the zone (pink lightstick!) with them was on top of my mind for awhile. 

Quite a nice story so far...

Thinking that I should actually be more a bit of friendly with the rest of my local Goguma family so I decided to join some of SPG-YSMY members by booking the same hotel room at Mandarin Court Hotel for 3 days and 2 nights. There, there folks, what a decision made. Am truly glad that I met them, at least I knew I am not that introvert. They were so kind, with YongSeo warm and familiarity that it makes the awkwardness to retreat back from creeping in. That moment when you are so sure that these people love the same thing that you love! Fist-bump! YongSeo! Finally, I made friend with those who love otp in real life haha. 

So that Friday evening, while people were creying at the airport drooling over the boys, these tiny SPG squad went for the first trip in our plan which was attending Running Man very own Ha Dongwoon's fansmeeting at Pavilion in conjunction with Korean Week Festival (or sumtin sounds like it). Lol. Refreshing, out of the usualness. Since the whole trip plans were either in a walking distance or only a monorail needy, we decided to take our late supper (nasi goreng dibungkus polisterin) before heading to Stadium Negara to check the venue, joined by another one Philippine goguma, just nice to see the boys already inside the cars, all set to head back to their hotel hahaha. Kesian. Some were screaming "we got nasi goreng for you!" and I was all out for "Jungshin chingu!!" (Tetiba.)

Nevertheless, failing to see them performing rehearsal wasnt that much from letting us to take a group selca hahaha! And singing Cant Stop together before reaching the hotel, what a night worth to remember! :) Midnight came in but we were yet to let our sleep taking over the feeling. There were more to come, more works to be done precisely the fanpack for tomorrow intl ggm gathering. 

At the Venue

First thing first, we went to the venue as the clock hits 9.00 a.m. Seriously though. All these shipper's fanpack stuff was attracting attention, not that it was necessary needed for a prohibited gathering like this lol. And time flies real slow, most likely was due to the dampen environment. (there, I said it) It was disappointing to be quite honest, after all the grand activities (fan-cam, Samsung Galaxy booth you name it) held on the concert venue last year yet not even a single CNBlue song ever played this time round. Spells b o r i n g. 

I even almost dozing off under the hot sun of afternoon while waiting for Goguma gathering haha. 

Best thing about the gathering though was meeting those faces you literally knew by heart on Twitter that the moment you met them, you were literally bro-fisting them instead of saying a shy hi. And Thai gogumas were probably the awesomest Goguma I've ever met in my real life, how come they were so creative; and creative put aside, so much money in their pocket they could invest lots of thing on regards of YongSeo haha. Admirable, love is. I met Lala (proudly turned her into a Goguma) and @codenamebatman, slightly feeling sad that Epha and Yana from last year gathering couldn't make it this time round. Nevertheless, those joining the gathering were more or less, are familiar group from last year event but there were some additional new faces here and there and I'd been introduced to many people so we had says hi, sharing M&M, tasting goguma latte, exchanging fangifts and taking full loads of picture. 

Went back to the hotelroom for a quick refreshment, where we changed attire to the unofficial Cant Stop shirt for good. (and pink scarf) Apparently I had my name written as part of BlueArmy project but sincerely from the bottom of my heart, I wasn't that helpful in either way. Around 6.30 p.m, the gates were finally opened so I sneaked into the queue with the newly ggm friends I met on gathering. We went like "yeah, Jungshin side", "let sticks together" and blahblah. 

Smooth entering so far; didn't bring any devices for goodness sake, I was so obedient like that. 

"Miss, this route please.." Heck? 


Why was I suddenly redirecting to the right wing, I was drifting away from my ggm family and they bid me goodbye. I am.... in a familiar route? Wasn't this route going to take me to... Jonghyun side?Jonghyun side. 

The same thing kept on repeating inside my head when I slowly creeping into the route. The concert crews were, dammit, very helpful. Three-four, of them were assisting me to my seat. (i dont even need them tbh, but starstruck just hitting me real hard I almost losing my direction) Why was I actually seated at Lee Jonghyun side again. Unbelievable mistake. Partially blaming the fanbase for mistakenly given me the wrong side ticket, and the rest went for self-reflection. I didn't check the ticket earlier. 

Jonghyun. Mungkinkah kita berjodoh. (Ditulis separa sedar)

Rather than being a paranoid kid losing her parents in the middle of crowds, I was calm (not that calm, but better than what you are currently imagine although I'd thinking the idea of crossing the guards and walk over rockzone so I'll be at Jungshin side, I wanna cry tbh lol) seated and kept on repeating, "All is well." Haha. Dammit, Burning Souls were probably the least CNBlue's fans I wanna get attached to at that moment. They are a bit of possesive? Aside from Emotional Angels, I mean. My seat wasn't that bad so I was quite pleased, at least. One little and short kid came late with her mum sitting at my front view so bless her, my view was totally clear from nuisances. There were a flock of sudden Siamese murmuring behind me, so I prayed real hard that they weren't those shipper haters lol coz I only brought in my shipper stuff hahahah (thinking that I'll be safe residing the goguma zone at Jungshin). 

During the concert

The concert started around 7.45 p.m. No opening act, and no draggy acts. 

And boys were walkin in to their respective sides. Walking in, what a rocker. Shabby looked you got there Jung Yonghwa. And bumf! Time Is Over! But Diamond Girl was golden! Golden and very sexy! I wanna cry cannot even believe I will listen to this song on a live event lol. The whole crowds chanting "D.I.A.M.O.N.D girl!" so LOUD I saw the growing energy on Jung Yonghwa. And Intuiton came! "Because I love you!" will never fails to make me chills inside. One of the most familiar CNBlue's songs for the local fans. Really enjoyed the atmosphere where people were singing together. 

- And they started introducing themselves one by one. Minhyuk's "Selamat berkenalan. Jumpa lagi! Aku cinta padamu. Aku cinta padamu tak (?)" okay this boy is creepy hahhahaha. "I am very happy to disappear (?) and come back to Malaysia again.. Anyway, do you know what is the next song is? I think you know the song.." Haih. Cute gilos la. And those cliche dialogue Jungshin forever hafal, "Rindu kami? Kami pun rindu kamu." Still, d'awwwwwwwww. Hahahah. "Long time no see.." Aaaaand Jonghyun! Omg I am so glad you speak Malay this time round! "Apa khabar? Saya Jonghyun. Selamat datang ke konsert kami. Jom kita bergembira..., petang ni." Kejadahnye. Kantoi tengok paper abang Jamal ni LOL.

Love was the next song they performed, its like a bit of repetition of Blue Moon but in a good way haha. Jonghyun's solo stage took the attention, he performed These Day! I was calmed throughout the song, (part of it because I couldn't recalled the lyrics lol) it soothing up the heated venue, mesmerized with John's beautiful voice. Priceless! I am not sure but the ballad side (or should I say, Jonghyunie side) of the boys were overflowing through the tracks, which is good, I mean people knew that both of Yonghwa and Jonghyun were borned composer. My Miracle was the next song, those sucker for JH ballads, there you go. 

When there was a long gap between songs, or during the sudden creeping silence, of course there will be fans taking chances to scream, and you could say that I was one of them lmfao. People in front of me had screamed, "Yonghwa!" Silenced. And I continued, "Saranghaeyo!" for quite a few time, the unexpected collabo was cringing. Hahahah but it was worth to break the silence at my area, at least they knew there was one Yonghwa fan resided well at the Burning zone lol.

Blind Love was well loved I love this song, count how many love are there in this sentence lol; you dont get me swinging my body on a seated zone for no reason. Except that they sang it in Korean hahah but that doesn't kill my mood off, who cares the lyrics we sang it Nihon style! Cold Love! Omg I can spazzed all day long about this song, it wasn't my favorite track of the album but somehow I was absorbing the live energy, and the song turned out so amazing! Totally rockish; was looking around of the venue during the song and half believing why am I so kind to buy a rock concert ticket lol! Indescribable energy, where did you get the source Yonghwa ya?

Robot - creycrey why were they even bother to sing it in Korean lol do we need an Tokyo Arena pass to have it in actual Nihon. 
In My Head - this was one of my fav during the last BlueMoon, listening to the live sound once again, affirmed my affection towards this song. Yeah, I have this rockish side of me too lol. 
Greedy Love - craaaaay for real, I love this song never thought they'll put it in the list (see, I dont do much research before attending one concert) A song that spells YongSeo all over the lyrics, so I grabbed my lightstick for the first time, here come the goguma in me! Hahahah, and say what, a glance at that back took me away. Those Siamese murmured group was actually a group of Thai gogumas holding 4-5 YongSeo lightboard (and standing too). 

This has got to be real, I'd probably sitting in the Go-Chun without realizing it lol.

Overheard a group of girl in front of me saying stuff like, "why are they singing this unfamiliar songs..." Lol, no offence but boys got numerous albums cant blame you either for not listening the whole tracks. 

They sang Love Is over here in Kuala Lumpur, where the other stops might as well getting Endless Love. After that, we had Sleepless Night written by John and followed by Let Me Know! Demmit, Let Me Know my favvvvvvv! So much feeling and effort I put myself for singing it in English alone lol, what a sad song we were drowning into haha. I am a Loner took over the stadium, lol whoever fanchanting this song together with me loud and clear. They were enjoying the atmosphere of people singing by heart and I kind of missing the young sheepish looks of the boys lol. Waetoriya year back then. 

Coffee Shop! - Ha! Favvvvvvv. Now and then! Better than before, better than ever! They made us the seated zone to stand on our feet and danced along the song! And seeing those at the back of the rockzone, dancing along with friends were probably the enjoyest moment of the concert haha, I truly am! When Yonghwa screamed, "All my ladies!" I reacted the wildest I can be in my life hahahah. 
I'm Sorry - oh oh back to me im so craji!
Lady - hahahaha pls sing in Japanese lyrics by the next time you come here many kamsa. 

"The last song of the concert, I'll pray for Malaysia, I love you. Thank you very much." Whatever Yonghwa. He started hinting that the end of the concert was getting near by singing Try Again Smile Again. Okay of course we were not buying with his words (they haven't sing Love Light) lol. Yet another group of girls in front me almost bought over with the words, thank god they dont bawling their eyes at the moment. Anyhow, boys started running here and there, and finally we got a visit by Jungshin!  

Anticipating Cant Stop very much, with me expecting Yonghwa in proper coat and piano gazing at my direction but what we got was YH full drench with sweat and a keyboard hahahah nevertheless still looking forward, very much indeed to the song. Fans were getting ready with the STOP - CNBlue cant stop, Boice never stop- cardboard sign for a special fan project but I was gripping over my YongSeo lightstick hahaha! And Cant Stop was so beauuuuuutifuuuul! No word describes this feeling of singing with them. I must be a bias one! 

"Cant stop me now..." Now, now. Even the echos of Now were well chanting with so much love! <3 it was legit the most memorable moments for the boys as the fanchant were so loud if only I could return back the time and feel the energy once again. Beautiful, nak nangis. ;;;;;;;;;; if only the keyboard he played could flies lol. I think I had laugh, scream, smile and crack again along the song and finally made friend with the girl besides me because too much lonely spazz is not good for a fangirl's health. A joint spazz then! 

Like a Child isn't my fav so I was left hanging to Cant Stop lol I want an encore with the song played once again. Brb crying a bucket.

Anyway. The stage was freaking near its like a handful fellas can grab them off the stage if they are trying hard. I was seated at the eighth row and had a hard time controllng my emotional jealousy over those nearer to the stage (btw, the first row of Jonghyun side were a group of fanboys, legit) But, all in short, my row was like the eye on eye row, by mean we stand exactly on the same level of the boys, at least, it feels like one lol.)

Encore was started with Wake Up. It seems like yesterday was the night I listened to this song alive, when it was actually a year back ago. Refreshing! They changed their outfits and wore the same unofficial shirt I wore tehehe. Tbh, this song was a energy drainer lol but ofc the fun version one. And Love Girl heheehehhe was totally very cute one! How can they changed from such a serious rocker to a dorky one in a blink of an eyes?

"I wanna be your Love Light.." Alololo.

Love Light 사랑빛! Goguma anthem! The last song, the special love song. Haha. I had survived writing this heck long fan account solely for this song lol.

Yonghwa was turning into Kordian, a mix of Korean and Indian for blabbering "Malmalmalmalmalmalmalmalaysia" like a mosquito before singing Love Light, which quite annoying tbh hahha. Credits (and foods) given to John for making me smile during Love Light, he was adjusting his mic to the fans' direction so that they can sing along with Yonghwa. See, overloaded fan-service (or was he actually acting lazy). Yonghwa on the other hand, was foineee.... but oh! He chooses that one and only pink guitar pick for the love song. YongSeo feeeeeeels. <3 Oh! And I remember when Yonghwa was counting the usual "One. Two. One, two, three, four..." just before the intro of Love Light but this time round, crowds were excitedly counting together, "One, two. One, two, three, four!" And he stopped from singing, and was like, smirks bitch ya dont count mine. Hahaha, nope. Smiley leader went, "One more time, louder, this is the last song!" (I love it when he smiles at our funny gestures; we are funny like clowns) 

And I waved my YongSeo lightstick proudly, prouder than before, prouder than ever. When will this feeling will ever fade away? :) Love Light is always beautiful, how can it not be? A song from husband to wife :P

"Promise you we'll be back. Terima kash!" Terima k a s i h, la sayang. 

"Thank you very much Malaysia, we love you." And they went out just like that lolx, disappointing part of Cant Stop; blame it to the boys' hectic schedules. 

The group of Thai gogumas behind greeted goodbye to me after the concert and we took picture together, le me the only Malaysian hijabis Goguma at the area ;_______; despite the duck and hen languages, and the hand gestures that weren't making any sense at all, but it was very nice meeting you guys!  

After the Concert

T i r e d

In a lamsam: Very glad to meet them once again, yet sad that the boys directly went to KLIA to catch their plane to Beijing right after the concert ends. Excited that they took a flight to L.A for Kpop Festival the next day, and cnsd interaction heheheheh. 

Jung Yonghwa was so energetic at L.A like he was recharging! Puking with colors and rainbows. Seo-effect. Dude, I mean, dude. Staph.


1] I need to agree with this friend where she claims that, "Your CN bias will remains as your bias til you get your feet stand on the concert venue," Jonghyun was miraculously giving his all out for the whole night, something I had never really experience myself back on Blue Moon leg. I grew some more love for him, thats one for sure. Jungshin on the other hand, was sincerely adorable, I am telling you the truth. He was still the one who listened when others don't, who looked at us when others don't, crey. Minhyuk was an exclusive item for the night, he almost hided at the middle of the stage but his friendliness and warmful talks reaches us to the heart. 

And Yonghwa remains Jung Yonghwa, the tired and sulky one that graves a wide smile at times. Love!

2) "I’ll get Jonghyun a big fan-board written “LEE JJONG, PLS TALK!” by the time I meet the boy again. Promise." - Me, Blue Moon 2013.

Anyhow these words will remain as a part of my wishful thinking for the next boys' concert lol. Apparently, I only have two hands. No hand is for Jonghyun.

3] Speaking of Jonghyun, his preferred VIP zone was the most deserted area like there were vacant seats on the front side, which doesnt really make sense so those at the back were very intriguing to  change places. Thank God, the rests of the side (including my spot!) were enough to let go of the breath. Even maknae's sides were brimming full! Well. Only Malaysian Burning Souls can pull this off. 

4] Faves of the night: Diamond Girl, Cant Stop and Cold Love. 

5] Dalhyang Yonghwa was energy depleted, thats one for sure. He was not even reaching the half level of energeticness than the previous Blue Moon. Yet very thankful for John's fanservice, he covered them pretty well lol. Ah in between of the song, Dalhyang was handed with a plastic sword from a fan, so he played with it and stabbed Jungshin's butt. Ok can.

6] Hhahaa the thing I liked the most about this concert compare to the last is how kind of the boys to actually pay the same amount of visit to each zone, the fair one, I might say. Yonghwa and Jungshin were basically routing our side for countless time, (delulu me agreed it might be caused by the amount of YongSeo lightstick and boards at our area. And he paid the same visit with Jonghyun to the other side of the zone. Love! 

Basically the small kid in front of me kept on staring at my YongSeo lightstick like, "wtf this akak brought in yellow lightstick, wouldn't it supposed to be blue" XD

7] Ah! Jonghyun also caught one Dalhyang riding horse towel from Yongseo Thailand and he hanged the towel at the side of the stage which was lol, was he doing laundry all these time? 

8] Truly enjoyed the eye feasting moment of seeing our very own YongSeo yellow lightstick and red/white lightboards far over the Jungshin's side! I felt connected in very weird way lol, never felt deserted hahahah! And thanks to the group of Thai gogumas behind me, you rocked my night and truly the extra kind of savior for my happiness! 

9] A night to remember but the satisfying level was decreasing, Rockzone probably will feed me real better, so next time maybe? 

10] I command the boys to come back again to Malaysia. And please remind me to bring my personal voice recorder for the next date!

You can literally zooming into the photo and read a side note from the fanbase with my name on it. Lol, short one ticket for JS side I see :p


At the end of the day, as always love is easy to watch. :) I am a happy kid.

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