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Saturday, October 3, 2015
184. Random Yadayada Post. @ Saturday, October 03, 2015

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1] I always had this situation on my mind: my first boarding plane experience will be like, either with my sister, Farah or with Jazz and Yan in our humble mission of world conquering, backpacker's style. But what I had in real life was something completely opposite of it, was on my working mode, assigned for a random out-station portfolio and yadayada business like, and unprepared. This is not my imaginary first flying experience? Duh. 

Senai-Subang-Senai within twelve extended hours. I had so much thrills of flying 16,000 feets within a day, and thats it.. I will keep the excitement, the gaga of omg-i-am-flying for like, another few months. Coz Medan, mu tunggu aku datang. Haha, in February, InsyaAllah.

2] Come to think of it, no note was jotted down regarding our trip to Singapore (December 2014) and the recent Ipoh town (August 2015). What a lazy me.. Anyway, lets get real, I will write it when I write it. /shrugs ;)

3] Kolaj riang bulan September 2015. I thought I always have something with camera but these little photos for the month prove me, yours truly, just another lazy camera junkie. Good thing is I am not crazy of selfie too. Hah, I am back with kolaj riang since photos are great memories collector. My old laptop was no longer in working mode, and I realized my only source of old photos can only be found over here, the blog! Good grief, its not on facebook. 

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