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Thursday, January 21, 2016
190. New Year, New Me! @ Thursday, January 21, 2016

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20 days since the first day of new year; I promised myself to write a short story in the blog, or at least post a photo and put a caption in it, a'la Instagram (I own no Instagram account), yet twenty days past by and nothing had happen. To let the fingers running on the keyboard, to let the thought drowning in my head, but things keep going on messing up, otherwise mine will be a merrier blog, I dare say it, haha. 

In fact, I always need to remind myself, "Lazy-ass. Go write about that quirky @ fluffy @ mad things happened to you today, so you can read it and finally laugh whole-heartly about it, again and again when you're thirty-forty-fifty-sixty-on rocking chair and walking stick."

Cause I treasure memories as simple as that. *Inserts d'aww, everyone.* But to write it, is not as simple as ABC.

Although I managed to write a decent 17 posts last year, practically on the topic of my cruel working life, which sounded so real, a depression of a murderer (somehow I wonder if I made it too dramatic) with countless number of drafts, which make it, quite a number of stories so far. So this year, I'll beat it. 

Here comes, 2016 Faha's Writing Challenge: 18 posts. 

Yeha. Minus this very first post for 2016, I left another 17. Stories on Ipoh and Penang trips are coming through! Looking good so far. *usap dagu*


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