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Friday, March 25, 2016
192. Kamikaze Plan @ Friday, March 25, 2016

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Ah yes, the Kamikaze plan. I did tweet about it last year cause I am planning on something bigger that my usual rigid life routine. Getting it near was easy although financially unstable, but I believe money will come, anything will do. I was in a big spirit. But when the late November arrives, everything changes abruptly. I was later understand that my own plan might needs a 180 degrees make-over. And true enough, another sudden life-changing-event will be taking place. However, if you might see it, I have been in a low-key mood for these event. Been counting days for the past few weeks, and the closer it gets, the slower I wanted it to be. How am I going to brain this? Excited, nervous, of course I am, but I knew one thing for sure, I will be missing these moment where I get fidgeted on my seat, thinking, "Will I be accepted?" 

Anyway, am gettin' something else to reflect at least; How funny it gets when these tiny hands of mine making all this and that plan yet He simply steps in and says, "Not yet, not the right time, my dear." And I almost had no time for being so sullen when He replaces it with something I've never had a chance to imagine before. Well, I guess things happen for a reason. 

And naaah, this is, as always, a married-unrelated business. :)

On the other hand, to Yan, my thought and prayers are always be with you and your family. May Allah fills your heart with peace and security, cause this sorrowfulness shall passed too, sooner or later. InshaAllah.

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