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Thursday, February 2, 2017
201. Kerinduan @ Thursday, February 02, 2017

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A good friend was asking if my visit to Makkah a memorable one? I replied her, after a moment of thought, "I may, one day, come across many other beautiful countries around the globe. Pretty countries they will be, but Makkah and Madinah will still be the places I wanna come back, again and again." InshaAllah. I know, I always meant to be a good kid, has always been the one who'll reach out despite being reserved, but with this kind of life I am leading on, I probably will ditch everything, and leave for Haramain, haha. Because work was tough, and social life is draining out of me. *takes a deep breath and fights on* Indeed, worldly life is temporary. Any vacancies for female in Haramain where she can find herself doing stuffs around Al-Haraam and Nabawi? Hehe.

Tanyalah pada siapa yang pernah berada di sini, rasa ini pasti terpahat. Mereka mahu kembali.
Kenapa? Jawapannya ada dalam diri.
Apakah ubat kepada rasa rindu itu? Istiqamah dalam beribadah.
1. Solat di awal waktu
2. Bangun malam bertahajud
3. Puasa sunat
4. Baca Al-Quran setiap hari dengan terjemahan
5. Kurangkan hilai ketawa
6. Jaga hati
7. Jaga aurat dengan sempurna.
InsyaAllah, antaranya."
Petikan daripada laman Facebook Professor Muhd. Kamil Ibrahim, 19 Disember 2016.

And yes, 2017 of unknown future full of chances, we've got a list of things to do! Are you ready kid? Bismillah!

Will keep you posted, regularly. 

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