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Wednesday, September 6, 2017
209. Cotton Ball @ Wednesday, September 06, 2017

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We just left Kuala Terengganu when these fluffy little kid came out of nowhere. He just stood alone at the corner, in the middle of the night, that was what Jehan claimed, as a car passed by after a quick stop. Our quick assumption saying that the car owner just stop to drop off the unfortunate kid, totally foolish, blinded and unaware that there were actually two pairs of eyes looking at us grabbing him to the car. Jehan waves at me, hinting of her excitement. My heart dropped the moment I saw him, its been awhile since we had kitten at home. "What are you doing there all alone, oh God, you pity little thing." We pleaded Ibu, to take him home. Kaklong joined by to double check if the kitten is owned by somebody, as I put him in my lap and he wandered calmly. Its like putting him on a warm blanket, he drove to sleep as we drives the car slowly. 

I know Ibu felt kind of injustice (if the word do the justice) towards Punzel and Nini, our two other residential cats. These two are so dear (and so other cats previously owned by us) and to bring a little surprise to them, by bringing a stray kitten will kind of breaking them down. Hehe. But these two are well, grown up men and having their own life, sneaking into neighbour's houses and yadayada daily fights. But this tiny little one, had no one. At least that was what I thought all the way home, leaving the doubt behind. Must-take-him-home.

Reaching home, Kaklong made a surprise. "God! Its Cotton Ball!," People, this kid has a name, and heart-scattering; has a stray mother cat and another same age, grey twin. Good lord, now we are self-accusing ourself: a kitten kidnapper. What to do, what to do now. Feed him well, put in the box, let him sleep and tomorrow we will get him back to his mama. That was the deal, but as morning came, I had a busy day handling Cotton Ball with care. He doesn't want to lick the milk or any drop of plain water. He just want to eat and sleep. Occasionally showing his full side of tummy, indicating that he wants to play! Cute little one. Ibu decided to bath him with shampoo. And deep down inside, I wished his mama will still recognise him. We will get him back to her, no matter what. 

I really want a kitten at home, despite the mess they usually create haha but not dare enough to split a mother and her kids.

Earlier today, as I got myself ready to go back to JB, ayah told me that Cotton Ball was shaking in his sleep. His legs were numb. I ran to help to warm him up. And got him some water, and let him stayed in thick blanket. He went back to sleep, and snored so heavily, like a human. As I moved out of home, I gave him a slow pat wishing he will be better, coz we will get him home by today! 

Late evening and drowsiness, such a miserable day at office. But I remember Cotton Ball so well, so a quick Whatsapp text was sent to family group. 

Dia dah mati.."

Ya Allah. Ya Allah.
If only we didn't take him home..

This is completely unplanned. I, I just feel so so so BAD for this event, that I decided to write it off, and crying. I feel bad for Ibu, Ayah, Jehan and Kaklong. I feel bad for over-protecting the kitten, I feel bad for being a cat-person. :( Maybe I just wanted to cry, all those stuff at work place is giving me unnecessary stress and it happened that this incident occurs at the wrong time. I almost bawl my eyes out, forgive me Ya Allah. There must be a silver lining behind all these messy clouds. InsyaAllah, insyaAllah.

Alas. It does hurt so bad when people / things leaving you first, why can't we just leave all together so no one left hurting.. 

(I sounded like having a Korean drama in real life.) 

Cotton Ball, you will be dearly missed.

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